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Watching Superman Die.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

It's 2013 I'm stuck in civil engineering school with a dream to become a fashion designer , I come across Virgil scrolling through Tumblr and was so surprised he came from a similar background as me. From from that day I told myself if Virgil can do it so can I . Virgil was a trail blazer and I don't use those words lightly . What he had manged to achieve in the world of fashion in such a short period of time, has never been done before . I often joke about the fact that if you open a dictionary and look up the word creative director , you will find a photo of Virgil smiling .

The 41 year old visionary suffered from cardiac angiosarcoma, battling a rare, aggressive form of the disease and yet chose to be private about his health issues . I think his silence about his health struggles says a lot more about his character as a man, than anything else . Many celebrities would use such thing as PR Leverage to sell their latest product or gain public sympathy but not Virgil . He didn't need you to feel sorry for him to purchase his clothes , you were gonna do it regardless . He let his work speak for itself and as we have come to find out he was working hard on new projects until the very last day of his life . That's the type of man I aspire to be , relentless in the pursuit of true creativity .

I'm about to have my first runway show this year and I just wanted to say even though I never had the honour to meet Virgil , his work lives through my designs and i hope to make him proud 💜

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