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Ten 10/10 Kanye West Songs

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

As you may have all know by now this blog was inspired by Kanye West and his now defunct blog . So i feel like its only right to start this blog by making a list of Top 10 10/10 ye songs .

^ Disclaimer ^

Firstly this is my list and it might differ to other lists out there so please understand if your favourite song is not on here it doesn't mean its trash it just means i didn't personally think it was a 10/10 song.

What makes a 10/10 song comes down to Lyrics, Production, performance , subject matter and overall impact on the culture.

Lastly by no means this list is in any particular order , all the songs here are 10/10 in my opinion .

Enjoy !!!!

Jesus Walks ( The College Dropout)

The one that started it all , this song proved you don't have to rap about girls or drugs to be played on the radio . Who else can make a song about Jesus that plays at clubs. If it wasn't for Jesus walks we wouldn't have had the Grammy winning Jesus is king or the Grammy nominated Donda .

Stronger ( Graduation)

This song introduced me to Daft Punk and for that reason alone it deserves its spot. Stronger acts as a bridge between the “Old Kanye” and the " new Kanye " , it is in essence the grand finally to the trilogy . The music video is just as iconic with Kanye rocking the shutter shades which would go on to define the era.

Flashing Lights ( Graduation)

Production 10/10 , Lyrics 10/10 , that's all you need to know . On another note Graduation has to be the best entry in the Kanye college series.

Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) Ft Jay Z ( Late Registration)

The production sounds like James bond theme music worthy. Ye goes hard , Jay goes hard . That all you need to know.

N***as in Paris Ft. Jay Z ( Watch the Throne)

This song is the equivalent of when you get paired with your bestie on a group assignment and you both end up getting an A+ .

Devil in a New Dress Ft. Rick Ross ( MBDTF)

Rick Ross delivers the best verse of his entire career on this track , I seen grown man cry during Mike Dean's guitar solo. That alone is enough for this song to be here but wait there is more . Kanye feels hurt here but yet still manages to flex on us .This the song to bump to get over your ex.

Ultralight Beam Ft. Chance the Rapper ( The life of Pablo)

First time i heard this song i cried . DMX prayer is so haunting till this day . This track is perfect soundtrack if your on your redemption journey. Chance the rapper delivers the best verse of his career on this song .

Christian Dior Denim Flow

This has to be greatest unreleased track of all time. Everyone did their thing plus who knew Ryan Leslie could rap .

Runaway ( MBDTF)

Many call this song Ye's magnum opus and i agree. In some ways its the greatest produced track in the genre . It changed the rap music industry forever by proving that you could incorporate deep lyricism over expensive beats.

Off The Grid - Ft. Fivio Foreign & Playboi Carti ( Donda )

This song has one of the best ye verses we have had in the last 5 years as well as an outstanding performance from Fivi. I can almost guarantee you he made everyone on the song re write their verses . Fivio Foreign reminds me of Rick Ross on Devil in a new dress .

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