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Sauga City Skate Trip !

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

If you know me , you know I am always on the look out for up and coming creatives in a variety of fields . It was some time in mid 2021, when I asked my boy Xav , if he knew any dope up and coming creatives and so he sent me a list of bunch of people he was messing with . The list included a few rappers , fashion designers and photographers. Amongst that list was Matt, a 15 year old photographer /skater from Mississauga-Canada. Upon checking Matt's work out on Instagram I was very impressed . There was something unique about his approach to photography that intrigued me , so I decided to hit him up for an interview to learn more about his creative process.

So firstly What got you into taking photos ?

It all started with Thrasher videos and magazine covers, they always looked so fire to me and made me want to try my hand at it .

What camera do you shoot on ?

Canon PowerShot , I forgot what specific PowerShot tho lol

How long does it typically take to edit a photo ? I noticed you have very unique colours .

To be honest maybe like 20 min before I post it.

Oh wow, so what application do you use ?

Just the photo edit app that comes standard on every iPhone Lmao

Do you see this as just a hobby or do you want to one day pursue it professionally ?

I haven't decided yet , right now I would say its more a hobby as I'm mostly busy with school but I'm hoping I can make it into something more in the future.

How was like it like growing up in Mississauga ?

Growing up here in Sauga been kind of chill, everyone is nice .

How old were you when you first started skating ?

It was only about a year ago when I started skating.

Was it an easy skill to pick up ?

No it was not . I almost was about to quit .

Any tricks you currently working on landing right now ?

Heel flip and Kickflip .

How would you describe the skate scene in Mississauga ?

Very friendly , its easy to make friends here , spots can be hard to find but we have a few places we skate out of. I would like to one day skate in the states , I have seen plenty videos from the skaters up there and and would love to test out their skate spots.

Do you have skate crew ?

The main crew I hangout with is called THM but I really just hangout with everyone , as I said its very easy to make friends here .

In your photos you tend to showcase the skaters outfits , is that something intentional ? and how much does a skaters outfit matter in your image composition ?

I mean if I see something cool I just take the picture or I ask them if I can take their photo , the fashion thing is something I been recently getting into .

Speaking of fashion , do what are some of your favourite brands ?

For decks I like baker or Santa Cruz and for clothes anything from dickies , Nike and adidas but I also thrift a lot of my fits .

Who are some of your favourite artists ?

Tyler the Creator, Playboi Carti and Michael Jackson.

Since you brought up Carti , i got to ask did you like whole lotta red ? you reckon it was worth the wait / hype ?

In my opinion it was pretty good.

I noticed you dropped your first YouTube Video , is that something you plan to drop regularly ? or you just testing out the waters ?

Right now I'm just testing out the waters but hoping to get a better camera in the future so i can make cleaner videos. I'm also planning to post a video at least once a month .

Thank you to Matt for sitting down with me and giving our readers an insight into his creative process. You can find more of his work on Instagram @mxtthew905 & @_mxtthew06 as well as check out his YouTube channel from the link below.

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